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A Little About SistaSusta

Sista 2 Susta Stuff & Things was established in 2020 with the purpose of selling the latest in trendy fashion apparel, wooden watches, accessories and more to residents all across the world. "Sista2Susta" has always and will forever be inspired by a combination of high fashion and new street trends.

Sista2Susta Stuff & Things has a large selection of retail items at a fair price. Customers come to us for our impressive selection and more, just take a second and see.

A Trending Retailer, We're Not Just A Name-We're a Brand!!!

Susta2Sista Stuff & Things offers the most impressive collection of retail items, including a wide selection of new arrivals and clearance pieces. Visit the website for a chance to indulge on seasonal sales, and take home some gorgeous new fashion pieces for your wardrobe. Our store has a wide selection of fashion for men & women just take a peek and see.

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Fun Patterned Socks

Take a look at some of our collections for some new fashion for men and women! 


Check out our Collections!

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